all-terrain vehicle Hagglnd BV206 D6, Mercedes 3,0L Refurbished with warranty!!!

Price for this unit:

38 000 euro Send a mail to us and we will contact you

Technical characteristics

  • Brand: Hagglunds
  • Model: BV206 D6
  • Registration year: 1991
  • Meter read-out (km): 2500
  • Manufacturing / Serial number:
  • Axle configuration: 4x4
  • Suspension type:
  • Engine output (hp): 136
  • Transmission: automatic
  • Front track size: 620x90,6x64
  • Rear track size: 620x90,6x64
  • OWN weight (kg ): 4500
  • Wheelbase:
  • Cargo space dimensions(LxWxH) (m):
  • Tracks Front , left %:
  • Tracks Rear, left %:
  • :

Additional information

Refurbished with warranty!!!

Hagglnd BV206 D6 3,5L Mercedes Benz turbodiesel, 136hp!!!

Mercedes Benz engine OM603.961

Hagglunds BV206 all-terrain vehicles are used in forestry, transmission line work,crew transport and tourism  pipeline construction and maintenance, construction work on remote sites, forest firefighting, rescue and relief work.

Rental Agreement - 1000 Euro per week