all-terrain vehicle Hägglund BV206 D6 turbo Refurbished with warranty!!!

Price for this unit:

38 000 euro Send a mail to us and we will contact you

Technical characteristics

  • Brand: Hagglunds
  • Model: BV206 D6
  • Registration year: 1989
  • Meter read-out (km): 5781
  • Manufacturing / Serial number:
  • Axle configuration: 4x4
  • Suspension type:
  • Engine output (hp): 136
  • Transmission: automatic
  • Front tyre size:
  • Rear tyre size:
  • OWN weight (kg ): 4500
  • Wheelbase:
  • Cargo space dimensions(LxWxH) (m): 2,80
  • Tyres1st axel, left %: 80%
  • Tyres2nd axel, left %: 80%
  • : 80%

Additional information

Refurbished with warranty!!!
here comes some pictures of one BV206 with OM603.960 engine which we have already received in stock.
This vehicle has level cylinder between the front and rear sections and LED lights all around.
Hägglunds BV206
with a diesel engine, green repainted.
Engine MB OM603.960 TD, 3.0L 6 cyl., 101 Kw (136 Hp),
MB automatic gear box,
5.781 km,
Hagglunds BV206 all-terrain vehicles are used in forestry, transmission line work,crew transport and tourism  pipeline construction and maintenance, construction work on remote sites, forest firefighting, rescue and relief work.